General Terms and Conditions

Exclusive Tours:
- Exclusive tours and transfers can be arranged in advance and will ensure that no other bookings are made for that particular tour or transfer. The advantage of this is that your guests won’t have to share the vehicle with any other groups and that they will have the vehicle and guide to themselves for the duration of that tour.
- The request for exclusivity must be made when booking the tour or transfer and will be confirmed by us in writing.
- An additional cost will be applicable for exclusivity and will be dependent on the size of the group.

Weather Conditions:
- Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for weather conditions. No confirmed booking can be cancelled or amended by you on the basis of weather conditions. We accept no responsibility for any changes in weather conditions that may affect any aspect of our tour.

Smoking Policy:
- No smoking will be allowed in any of the vehicles operated by us. There will be numerous opportunities for guests to have a smoke break while on tour.

- The instructions of the guide must be adhered to at all times – they are for your guests' own safety and the safety of the group as a whole.
- Failure to do as requested by the guide may result in the tour being curtailed and should this be required, no refund will be applicable.

Children participating in activities:
- Children participating in all safari activities: Half price for all kids under 5 years - rate to apply.
- Sunset Game Drives: No Children under 8 years are allowed.
- Three-hour Walking Safaris: No Children under 12 years are allowed.
- Elephant Interactions: Children of all ages are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult if they are 6 years and younger.
- Elephant Back Safaris: No children under 5 years old are allowed.
- Horse Back Safaris: Children from 12 years old are allowed and do not have to be accompanied by an adult.
- Microlight Safaris: No children under 8 years are allowed.